Shoebox Diorama Project

What is it:
Create a shoebox diorama of an organism in its natural habitat. You must make the shoebox as realistic as possible. Use the links below to find ideal examples of how to create a realistic habitat and organism. Organisms will be randomly drawn from a hat on Wednesday November 21. The shoe box must be completed and brought to school no latter then December 9 in order to give presentations December 9-10.

A paper must by TYPED in Times New Roman font size twelve. The paper must include the following: introduction to organism, behavior adaptations, physical adaptations, diet, and habitat description. There will be some time allotted in class for research purposes but do not rely on it. The paper needs to grammatically correct and not copied from the internet or other sources unless appropriately cited. BOTTOM LINE: Do not copy!

This is a project for your student. I encourage you to aid in any way but please remember that it is the student’s project and not yours. In years past, I have had parents do the entire project and over shadow another’s who did not have the means. While I do encourage you to help and to give ideas, please allow the student to do the majority of the work.

10 points for diorama
10 points for paper
5 points for oral presentation

Links: (examples)

Due Date:
Monday, December 9.
Research Page:

Winners of the best voted from two years ago

Organism list Assignment:

  1. Arctic Wolf- Deb
  2. Black Bear- Chris
  3. Polar Bear- Lydia
  4. Wolverine- Danielle
  5. California Sea lion- Inso
  6. Northern elephant seal- Daylet
  7. Bottlenose Dolphin- Landon
  8. Killer Whale (Orca)- Eli
  9. Blue whale- Megan
  10. African Cheetah- Bilan
  11. African Elephant- Sella
  12. African Lion- Tre
  13. American Alligator
  14. Anaconda- Douglas
  15. Blue poison Frog
  16. Caribbean Flamingo
  17. Galapagos Tortoise-
  18. Jackson’s Chameleon- Dannah
  19. Koala- Armani
  20. Komodo Dragon- Grady
  21. Ladybug- Gracie
  22. North American Raccoon- Mchiah
  23. Opossum- Ashlyn
  24. Orangutan-Abdul
  25. sidewinder rattlesnake- Tyus
  26. Rhinoceros- Thor
  27. Ring-tailed Lemur-
  28. Scarlet Macaw- Josh
  29. Spotted Hyena- Brayden
  30. Goliath birdeater spider (tarantula)- Alec
  31. Western Lowland Gorilla- Hanna
  32. Bengal Tiger- Jasmine
  33. Siberian Tiger-Makenzie
  34. Black Widow Spider- Walton
  35. Blue Ringed Octopus- Yousab
  36. Cuttlefish- Jessica
  37. Great White Shark- Tamaya
  38. Hammerhead Shark- Trevon
  39. Manta Ray- Deriona
  40. Loggerhead Sea Turtle- LH Murphy
  41. Blue Marlin- Jerimiah
  42. Japanese Giant Hornet- Shania
  43. Dragonflies (any species)- Da Bush
  44. Red Kangaroo- Walker
  45. American Bald Eagle- Josie
  46. Emperor Penguin- Milton
  47. Red Fox- Macie
  48. Arctic Fox- Seth
  49. Platypus- Charlotte
  50. Asian Horned Frog- Coakley
  51. Narwhal- Ana
  52. Vampire Bat- Faith
  53. Morpho Menelaus (blue wing butterfly)- Pegues
  54. Black Mambo- Kevin
  55. Brown throated sloth- Boyd
  56. American Lobster- Mike
  57. Stonefish- Nat
  58. Nile Crocodile- Uche
  59. Tasmanian Devil- Ajah
  60. Sword Fish- Ava
  61. Sugar Glider- Emily
  62. Praying Mantis- J’Rob
  63. Leopard- Maddie

101. Spider Crab- Campbell
103. Chimpanzee- Edie like the ice cream
104. Angler fish- Treutel
107. Ostrich- Tashianna
108. Eurasian Eagle Owl
109. Snowy Owl- Austin
111. Hydrophiinae (Sea Snake)- Mabel
112. Zebra-T' Larkin
113. Mimic Octopus- Toleo